Publication and Presentation Policy

I.Paper proposal approval policy

A formal paper proposal reviewed by all authors must be submitted using the P&P paper proposal format (this form can be downloaded – see link above) to the P&P Committee Chair (please email to: Ying Zhang, MD PhD at at least one week prior (no late than the first day of the month) to the next P&P monthly discussion. The P&P Committee shall discuss monthly, or as needed, proposals submitted for a manuscript or a thesis (and any other publication matters).

Upon review for completeness (including preliminary review of the analysis plan by a statistician), the proposal will be added to the agenda of the next P&P Committee meeting for action. The Chair is responsible for distributing copies of the proposal to the members of the Committee.

A formal paper proposal must include the following as a minimum:

  • Introduction (rationale)
  • Methods
  • General analysis plan
    • Analysis responsibility (authors or Coordinating Center, CC)
    • References (the timeliness and originality of a proposal should be supported by the supplied references).
    • When submitting a proposal, authors are encouraged to send a copy of any journal articles that would support their choices for methods of statistical analysis. This will simplify the review process on the part of the statistician performing the preliminary review of the proposal.
    • Prior to submission, all proposals must be approved by a SHS PI.
    • The P&P Committee shall review all formal proposals and make the following decisions: Approval (or approval with recommendation(s)), deferral, or disapproval (with reasons).
    • Upon approval, the paper is given a SHS Paper Approval Number.
    • In the event a proposal does not receive full approval (approved with recommendations or disapproved), the P&P Committee will supply the author with a complete explanation and recommendations for re-submission, when applicable.
    • The P&P Chair will forward the decision of the P&P Committee to the submitting author.
    • Along with an approval memo from the Chair, the author of each approved manuscript proposal will receive an Agreement for Data Distribution/Paper/Thesis Proposal form (an SHS author/investigator agreement must be signed by the author obtaining SHS data for a paper), Request for Data form, a Request for Data Analysis form, and a Data Analysis Monitoring System form (Data Request/Analysis forms are to be used by the author as needed). For maintaining better tracking, each form will be marked with the assigned SHS Paper Approval Number. The author needs to complete, sign, and return the forms to the P&P Committee. CC (or the appropriate SHS PI) then provides required data to the authors. All primary authors must sign an agreement form before CC or the appropriate PI will provide the data.
    • If data analysis from the Coordinating Center (CC) is requested, the CC will assign a statistician to work with the primary author after the proposal is approved and all the required forms are returned to P&P Committee by the author. The paper may then be given a priority score if analyses are to be done by the CC. For those authors who choose to analyze their own data, CC representatives will be available for consultation.
    • For manuscripts written by investigators outside of SHS, the SHS PI co-author or the SHS PI who is closely affiliated with any of the authors must advise the P&P Committee during the review of the proposal whether the manuscript should be sent to the P&P Committee for review prior to submission to a journal. The Chair will send the paper to 2 or more reviewers, and the comments of the reviewers will be communicated to the submitting author. Additionally, if no SHS PI is a co-author and if the analysis is not performed by the CC, the final manuscript must be sent to CC for statistical review.
    • NHLBI: If any co-author is an NIH employee, prior to submission to a journal, the paper must be submitted to the author’s NIH institute for review if an NIH institute requires such review. NHLBI authors should submit their manuscript to NHLBI for review. Please email the paper for NHLBI review using the following email address: Comments will be returned to the email address provided by the author submitting the manuscript.
    • The P&P Chair will maintain a list of SHS papers both published and in press:
    • After an article is published, the primary author must send at least one reprint of the published article to the NHLBI Project Officer
    • To track the progress of approved paper proposals, the P&P Committee distributes a status survey of the approved papers by emailing a Paper Tracking Status Form every six months. The authors must fill out the respective space regarding the progress/current status of their paper and return the form to the committee.
    • If the P&P Committee determines that progress on a manuscript is taking an unduly long time, the Chair will communicate with the author, asking for a plan of action for completing the paper or for the author(s) to release the topic for authorship by someone else.
    • In rare cases, the P&P Committee may need to make a recommendation to the Steering Committee regarding reassignment of a paper topic.
    • NOTE: It must be recognized that any step of this approval process may entail requested revisions and re-submissions by the authors.